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Software projects

I will share my software projects on this web page.


An image converter that converts images (PNG/BMP/GIF) into a Philips P2000t tape image (.CAS) with a picture viewer (.BAS)

Text-based semigraphics or pseudographics is a primitive method used in early text mode video hardware to emulate raster graphics without having to implement the logic for such a display mode. In the 1980s, many systems used "Videotex graphics", like the Acorn BBC Micro's default graphics mode (mode 7) or the Sinclair TRS-80. The Philips P2000t, a Dutch computer,  used the same Teletext chip that television sets used. For this ancient computer, I wrote a software tool that converts black and white images to a BAS on a CAS. It is compatible with P2000T emulators and it is compatible with the real device (tested).  Download the software (Windows) including example images here.

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