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Social media

Eirc S Yuan
Founder and CEO of Zoom

George Takei
Actor and internet personality

Darren Hayes
Singer-songwriter, actor & comedian

Conan O'Brien (Team Coco)
Television host & comedian

Lily Cole
Model, actress & entrepreneur

Nina Garcia
Fashion director of Elle/ Marie Claire

Mike Shinoda
Rapper of Linkin Park

Ashton Kutcher
Kutcher tweeted a screenshot of Google BBS Terminal, which is based on my video "If Google were invented in the '80s..."

Alexander Klöpping
Founder of Blendle

Marsha Collier
Bestselling author

Huub Stapel
Actor (with a like of Connie Palmen).

John Legere
CEO of T-Mobile

Dr. Eric Sieverts
Retired information specialist and innovation consultant at University Library Utrecht
& lecturer Information Science and Information Management

Marten Blankesteijn
Founder of Blendle

Herbert Blankesteijn
Science journalist

Jason Hawes
TV host of Ghost Hunters

Nicholas Caprio
Chief Content Officer of Pilgrims Studios

Marcia Luyten
Economist, culture historian, journalist & television presenter

Petra Stienen
Politician, arabist

Mirjam van den Broeke
Journalist, legal scholar

Walter Kers
Military sailor, owner STORM Training

Biggest video sharing site of the world

Wishing social network

Harry Klooster
Casting director

Jaap de Wreede
Editor-in-chief PC-Active, Linux Magazine en Network Pro
Translation Dutch to English: "Jo Luijten strikes again"

Dating app

Huffington Post Arts & Culture

Playboy Brasil

The Wikipedia and Wikimedia México tweeted my Wikipedia video

The Lovie Awards

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